Young Learner English

TBI’s Young Learner English Program is designed for pre-school or school-age learners who are beginning to learn or want to improve their English language skills. Learners are grouped according to age and linguistic ability. This programme consists of Very Young Learner (4-6 years old), Children (7-9 years old), Pre-Teenager (10-11 years old) and Teenager (12-15 years old)

Very Young Learner (4 – 6 years old)

Programme features include:

  • A lively classroom atmosphere, which encourages children to participate actively in every lesson
  • Action-centred learning around themes that are key to children’s lives to stimulate their imagination
  • New language presented through chants, songs, pictures, and stories. Stories also allow children to develop their listening skills
  • Drawing, craft work, games, and music, which keep young learners interested and involved

Children Programme (7 – 9 years old)

Programme features include:

  • A vocabulary and grammar syllabus specially aimed at Cambridge Young Learners Assessments
  • An integrated phonics programme across the whole series of course books
  • Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) and cultural references that link with other school subjects
  • An online world and digital activity book which provide opportunities to enrich students learning both at TBI and at home

Pre – Teenager (10 – 11 years old)

Programme features include:

  • Clear vocabulary sections added to the grammar-based syllabus and integrated skills work
  • Texts, topics and activities such as cartoons, traditional songs and stories and project work
  • English across the curriculum’ pages that provide students with the language they need to discuss school subjects in English
  • Culture sections within each unit which enable students to explore differences and draw comparisons with their own cultural backgrounds

Teenager (12 – 15 years old)

Programme features include:

  • Cross-curricular learning (CLIL) in subjects such as Maths, Geography, Music, Science, and Technology
  • Thorough grammar coverage thanks to a dedicated Grammar section in every unit in the Student’s Book
  • Exploration of the culture of English-speaking countries through the ‘Learn MORE about Culture’s section in every module