TBI Kota Wisata

TBI Kota Wisata was established in 2016, surrounded by Public Schools, BPK Penabur, AL-Azhar, BHK, Teruna Muda School, Fajar Hidayah, Global Mandiri, Ketapang School and many others. TBI Kota Wisata was introduced as one of the most experienced English course providing variety of English learning programmes such as Children, Pre-Teenager, Teenager and General English classes, also into the English for Specific Purposes area such as Conversation Class, Business Communication Class, and International Exam Preparation.

Furthermore, TBI Kota Wisata also offer programs for corporate classes, and our clients are a number of reputable companies in Kota Wisata and Bogor Area.

Apart from that, TBI Kota Wisata has 17 classrooms supported with well-equipped facilities which enable students to have effective lessons. It also has a canteen providing foods and beverages for student's refreshment during their break time.

For more than 35 years, The British Institute has become one of the experts in the industry with internationally and nationally qualified teachers, plenty of learning resources, and great customer services. Those values are brought to lead the vision of TBI Kota Wisata and to ensure our students and customers are the top priority.