TOEIC Exam Practice

Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate
IDR 1.000.000
4 Months
  • TOEIC Kickoff
  • Business Speaking Intermediate
  • Business Speaking Upper-Intermediate
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In this program, learners will find out what TOEIC test is like. The course provides a preparation and practice for those who plan to sit the TOEIC Listening and Reading test. It has specific focus on common problem areas, and includes techniques and test-taking strategies in video format. The key sections of the TOEIC L&R test are presented in an order that progresses from easy to more difficult to help learners build their knowledge. Four simulation tests, which is half the length of the official TOEIC L & R test but faithfully replicates its structures, are also included. The business speaking lessons will complete the program as it provides more business context situations and language practice which suit the TOEIC test structures.