IELTS Exam Practice - Intermediate

Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate
IDR 1.000.000
4 Months
  • Adaptive General English
  • IELTS Band 4
  • IELTS Band 5
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This 4-month program is aimed for those who are interested in knowing about IELTS tests as well as practicing their English in general. The Adaptive General English will help learner identify their weaknesses as well provide them with the right lessons. Learners will find suitable general English practice starting at their level proficiency and gradually getting more challenging. The IELTS courses help learners develop test-taking strategies, increase their vocabulary, and improve listening, reading and writing skills with realistic IELTS test material. At first, the lesson modules are simpler and there is a greater emphasis on language development to help learners broaden their vocabulary before moving on to exam skills. More exam practice are given towards the end of the course.