Combined General & Business English Practice

Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate
IDR 1.000.000
4 Months
  • Adaptive General English
  • Business Speaking
  • Pronunciation Practice
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This 4-month program is designed for those who would like to improve their general and business English speaking skills in a self-study type of course. In Adaptive General English course, learners will be guided through an adaptive learning path, and can improve their overall English ability with a specific focus on grammar, listening and reading. The course uses a highly personalised learning formula to identify weak areas, and to continually provide study material that addresses individual needs as learners work through the course. Meanwhile, the Business Speaking course will help learners understand and practice key language in both formal and informal business settings. Learners will practice vocabulary and common expressions through a variety of speaking and listening activities in order to communicate more confidently in the workplace. The two courses are completed by pronunciation practice course which offers an efficient way for learners to improve their pronunciation skills.