Corporate Classes

TBI understands that each corporate has different requests in providing English training for its employees depending on the corporate’s visions and business area. Therefore, our corporate and academic teams are ready to learn more on your needs thoroughly and specifically to get the optimal results of the lessons. The training can be delivered at the corporate’s venue (in-house) or at our schools, depending on the corporate’s needs.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The most important way of maintaining our excellent standard is by providing sufficient support to the teaching staff. There are two main areas where this is necessary. First is by selecting suitable materials for different parts of the course. Second is by using the suitable learning approach which can be effectively applied in different lessons. To ensure that the instructors are coordinated in their planning, regular meetings are held by the Academic Team Leader. These meetings provide the instructors with the opportunity to:

  • discuss observations regarding the progress of the participants
  • establish which materials to use for the coming week
  • make any changes necessary to the overall curriculum in response to the participants’ needs
  • discuss problems and find solutions

Administrative and Academic Support

While ensuring that we provide qualified and capable instructors, we also make sure that we properly organise and support the training we provide. Our experienced administrative and academic staffs are on hand to deal with any queries or issues that may arise before, during or after any training that TBI provides.


TBI will provide your company with an end-of-course report that provides input on course content, course progress, assessment results, overall group performance and individual progress reports.

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