About TBI

The British Institute, known as TBI, was first registered as an educational foundation on 18 February 1984 and since then has provided first-rate classroom tuition and excellent customer service to its clients in Indonesia. In maintaining and furthering our commitment to the provision of quality training to our clients, TBI ensures that its teachers are constantly upgrading their skills. TBI’s Academic Support Team regularly conducts internal training for all its teachers, helping them to develop and become better instructors. TBI is the only organisation in Indonesia that is certified by the University of Cambridge English to run CELTA training courses and this keeps TBI abreast of the latest developments in teacher training and teaching methodology.

TBI’s Teaching Methodology and Instructors

Task-based approach. This is an approach in which grammar and other language items are presented in learning process and providing relevant feedback on their in-class performance.

  • undertake meaningful tasks
  • enjoy a relaxed and fun classroom environment
  • receive feedback on performance

is an approach in which grammar and other language items are presented ideas and opinions.


is an approach in which the teacher acts as a facilitator by helping and encouraging students to participate in the learning process. This is achieved through pair or group work activities such as discussions, information gap activities, problem solving and role-plays.


is an approach in which the teacher ensures that students are learning through the use of realistic tasks that they are likely to encounter in the real world.

TBI Student Assessment

TBI uses a range of Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Practice Tests for evaluating student progress. Cambridge English Assessment Tests are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), which allows international benchmarking of student progress.

TBI will provide your company with an end-of-course report that provides information on course content, course progress, assessment results, overall group performance and individual progress reports.

Our experienced administrative and academic staff will be on hand to deal with any queries or issues that might arise before, during or after any training that TBI provides.