In the celebration of its 33rd Anniversary, TBI Jakarta held an English Challenge Competition on February 19th, 2017, held at its flag-school TBI Kuningan (Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jakarta).

The goal of this event was to showcase TBI students’ skills in 4 areas: Spelling Bee, Storytelling, Speech and General Knowledge through Quiz, as well as to invite the public from all over Jabodetabek to join the challenge.

This yearly event has been an awaited event from both TBI students and English language enthusiasts. This is proven by the number of participating schools and universities located throughout Jakarta. Children from as young as 4 years old came to participate in the Spelling Bee competition.


Through this, we would like to congratulate the winners:

Dimas Esra, M. Fayyas Aqeel, and Shane Poo as the first, second and third winner of Spelling Bee competition.

Ronan Arden Jusuf, Aleeza Nayala Arsyad, and Micaela Davu Santoso as the first, second and third winner of Story Telling competition.

Shania Safira Haroen, Faradyzka Aurora Kencana, and Thariq Maulana Jauhari as first, second and third winner of Speech competiton.

Glenardi Kemal Putra and friends as the first winner of English Quiz competiton and Diny Shifaq Luthfiyah and friends as the second winner of the English Quiz competition. 


Winners were presented with cash prizes totaling up to 22 million rupiah, presented by TBI Head Office.



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