TBI Bandung English Challenge 2016

TBI English Challenge 2016

“Everyone knows that English is very important nowadays and TBI English Challenge is like an oasis in the desert! We need more ‘rooms’ to express our English skills and this is such a great event! We as students can express our opinions in a very good way. TBI English Challenge2016, which consists of  Story telling, Speech, and Inter-Varsity Debate Competitions makes us more creative “ (Ancilla Pramudita, UNPAR student).

“An English Competition which can accommodate the young generation’s talent is very rare. Mostly, the competitions are more related to entertainment, such as singing contest, etc. But the competition that is useful in educating people like TBI English Challenge is only a few in Indonesia. Therefore, I am very grateful to TBI Bandung for organizing this annual event. “ (Agus Dwiyanto, STBA Student).


TBI English Challenge 2016

TBI English Challenge is an Annual English Language competition at TBI Bandung which consists of Story Telling competition for SD & SMP students, Speech Competition for SMA students, and Debate Competition for university students. For this year, TBI English Challenge was held for 4 days:

Wednesday, 13 April 2016, Speech competition held at TBI Paskal.

Thursday, 14 April 2016, Storytelling competition held at TBI Dago.

Thu & Fri, 21-22 April  2016, Debate competition held at TBI Riau.

"TBI facilitates students in Bandung in showing their English proficiency, and TBI English Challenge competition has become the most awaited English competition every year”, said Ridwanda Haris.

This event is also an opportunity for students to promote their schools and universities. Many of the teachers commented on how proud they are with the fact that their students were taking parts in the competition.

The chief of English Challenge 2016, Ridwanda Haris revealed that the participants coming from various schools and universities in Bandung showed their best capabilities in the competitions. They competed with each other and proved themselves to be the best in speaking English.

Besides taking the challenge of speaking in front of the audience and the panel of judge, the participants were also expected to deliver their story or speech in a limited time, while at the same time ensuring that everyone was engaged. How exciting is that??!

 “This year, the number of participants is higher than last year. We have 16 teams in Debate competition from various universities, 40 participants in Storytelling competition from SD & SMP, and  45 participants in Speech Competition from SMA across Bandung”, said Ridwanda Haris.


Story telling contest for SD & SMP students

For this category, all participants must choose one of the following stories: 

  • SMP Level:  The Boatman, The Tale of Echo, The Lion & The Rabbit, The Banquet.
  • SD Level: The Stonecutter, The Old Man, His Wife, and the Fish, Inside Again, The Sheep, the Lamb, the Wolf, and the Hare.

Can you imagine the excitement and intensity of this competition? The participants were allowed to use any supplementary materials to support them in this competition, such as costumes, music, and make-up. The audience was spoiled with laughter when watching the contestants tell their stories in amusing body language and funny and attractive costumes.


Speech contest for SMA students

Students from various high schools around Bandung also took part in this competition with an array of hot topics:

  • Will humans ever be obsolete?
  • The effects of the Indonesian school system on the Indonesian student.
  • Free trade in ASEAN. Are we ready?
  • Love in the digital age. What will happen when in 20 years time half of new couples will have met online?
  • Inside the head of a terrorized country. What the Jakarta bombings exposed about Indonesia.
  • Are humans parasites? The effect of humanity on the Earth.
  • What is it with all these superhero movies? Isn't enough, enough?

Similar to SD & SMP students, SMA students were challenged to deliver their own 5-minute speech based on their self-made scripts. The scoring criteria included pronunciation, grammar, comprehension, fluency, performance/audience contact, and content text.


Inter-Varsity Debate Competition

The TBI Bandung Inter-Varsity Debate Competition is also an annual English language debate competition, and a part of TBI English Challenge 2016, which was open to Universities and institutions of higher studies in Bandung.

This competition featured debaters from the best Universities in Bandung. This year, we had 16 teams from UNPAD, Unisba, ITB, Unpar, STIMK LPKIA, Universitas Terbuka, Telkom University, Universitas Widyatama, Universitas Nasional Pasim, Politeknik Bandung, STKIP and Itenas.

Teams of 3 speakers engaged in a battle of wits, public speaking and clever oratory. The debates were centered on topical social issues and challenged teams to quickly and concisely prepare arguments to be  delivered in less than 30 minutes after they had been given the topic.


The participants  competed for first, second, and third places. The grand prize presented by TBI included a scholarship worth millions of Rupiahs, starting from free cycles to free levels, as well as TBI merchandise, cash worth millions of Rupiahs and trophies. Other prizes were also awarded from sponsors, such as  Totem Game, Three Bears Café, Bober Café, Baong T-shirt, CV Tryguna, Sensa Hotel, Shasmira Hazna, Flashy & GH Universal Hotel. This event is also supported wholly by 99-ers, Inilah Koran & Inspira TV.


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