TBI memiliki reputasi pengajar yang terpercaya dalam mengajar Bahasa Inggris. Pengajar kami memiliki sertifikasi dari CELTA, GITE, ITEP atau ITEC sebagai bekal mereka dalam mengajar kelas sesuai dengan spesialisasi masing-masing. Pendekataan "student-centered" menjadikan pengajar kami tidak hanya sebagai guru namun juga sebagai fasilitator untuk para murid dalam meraih potensi maksimal mereka. 

Untuk informasi menjadi pengajar di TBI, silahkan isi formulir dengan klik di tautan Hubungi Kami ini.



Academic Team Leader - TBI Kuningan

She graduated from English Literature from the University of Indonesia and has been with TBI since 2011.

Tati Haryatin

Senior Teacher - TBI Riau Bandung

A teacher trainer with interest in Young Learners and extensive experience in teaching a wide variety of course types. Is a Lead Trainer for TBI Teacher Training programmes. Has delivered both internal and public workshops with topics ranging from teaching Young Learners to learner characteristics. Has designed a variety of courses and syllabi for different client needs. Completed University of Cambridge Certificate for English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) in 2008.

Okeu Oktaviani

School Manager - TBI Dago Bandung

Okeu Oktaviani graduated from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia in 2004 and completed her Cambridge CELTA certification in 2007 and Cambridge YL CELTA in 2008. Her passion in teaching has led her into becoming one of the Lead trainers for TBI Teacher Training programmes. She has delivered a number of trainings across Indonesia. Cambridge DELTA is the next one in her to-do list in regards to her professional development plan.

Intan Hartianti

Academic Team Leader - TBI Riau Bandung

Intan Hartianti is a teacher trainer with a sound understanding of effective teaching methods. She has extensive experience in designing and delivering training and teacher development programs and is a Lead Trainer for TBI internal and external workshops and training programs. She has completed Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and YL (Young Learner) Extension to CELTA.

Indah Nur Hidayanti

Senior Teacher - TBI Dago Bandung

Indah Nur Hidayanti is an English Education graduate from Indonesia University of Education and have been teaching English for more than 10 years. In addition, she holds a CELTA certificate for teaching English to adults. She has been teaching a variety of courses in her working period, namely children’s classes, global English, conversation, business, TOEFL paper-based preparation, TOEFL iBT preparation, IELTS preparation and corporate classes.  She is currently responsible for assisting the Academic Team Leader, as a Senior Teacher, in dealing with the administration and technical activities within the academic department in the school. Her main duty is fundamentally making sure that the school is meeting the standard. Her career goal is to assume a role which allows me to take responsibility for knowledge transfer of ELT to all teachers both internal teaching staff and public. Therefore, She has been training to become a Teacher Trainer for a couple of years now and am looking forward to opportunities to develop her skills accordingly.

Gini Gustiniwati

Senior Teacher - TBI Bandung

Gini Gustiniwati did her CELTA qualification in 2008 and her YL Extension to CELTA a year later and started working for TBI shortly after. She completed her DELTA Module 1 in July 2016 and now is getting ready to do DELTA Module 3. She is currently one of TBI’s Academic Department staff and also one of the teacher trainers for TBI teacher training courses. Two things that she is really passionate about are books and coffee. 

Angga Kramadibrata

Senior Teacher - TBI Bandung

Angga Kramadibrata is an English teacher and teacher trainer based in Bandung, Indonesia. He has a Masters in English Language Teaching from Leeds Beckett University, as well as the Cambridge Celta and is two thirds through his Cambridge Delta. Although being an ELT practitioner is his main passion, his interests include teacher identity, the native speaker fallacy, and the teaching and perceptions of pronunciation.

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